Live From New York, It’s Michael Phelps On ‘SNL’!

Michael Phelps is officially a star. In times gone by, that would have been confirmed by a few endorsements, maybe a movie part or two, and, of course, an appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Alas, SNL hasn’t been relevant in, what, 10 years? 20? Now, celebrities and bands aren’t made by SNL; SNL is made by whichever celebrity deigns to appear on the show. And for SNL’s 34th season premiere, that celebrity will be Michael Phelps.


Aside from all the commercials and inevitable talk-show spots, this will be the first “acting” role for Phelps, whose world-record-smashing, eight-gold-medal-winning performance at the Summer Olympics made him the poster boy of U.S. swimming for generations to come and won him the hearts of millions of admiring fans. Lil Wayne, who, appropriately enough, has also had the most successful year of his career in 2008, will be the musical guest.

So Phelps has already conquered the world of swimming. Now he gets to try his hand at entertainment. It’s hard to imagine Phelps being as charismatic on the stage as he is in the pool, but even a slight fraction of that success will be impressive. For Saturday Night Live, it’d be the most redeeming thing they’ve done since Jimmy Fallon left the show.