Famous Females Infatuated With Michael Phelps

You know how the proverbial 800 pound gorilla can eat whatever he wants? Well, Michael Phelps is like that large primate of yore, except for him, “food” is actually “women”. And “gold medals”. And possibly “American hearts”. But mostly women.

Amanda Beard

But even the medals might not outnumber the slew of rumored ladyfriends that Mr. Eight Pack American Hero is sporting these days. Because right now, he’s got a couple ladies that he might actually be dating, and Lindsay Lohan is also reportedly interested in Phelps. Which actually might not count as news.

The two ladies of current interest? According to the TELEGRAPH (dot UK), it’s a few models, naturally. Well, kind of:

Two girls have recently been linked with Beijing’s eight-time gold medalist: US swimmer Amanda Beard and British model Lily Donaldson. Beard held the Olympic record for women’s 200 metres breaststroke after her win in Athens, but failed to reach the final in Beijing.

Beard might not count as a “model”, since she’s just a younger looking Sheryl Crow who happened to take her clothes off for money. But Donaldson, well, good Lord:

Lily Donaldson

Some say she’s the new Kate Moss, but I’m not “some”, and I’m certainly not one to talk about another person’s cocaine addiction.

Unless of course that person is Lindsay Lohan. Then I’ll chuckle. But not because I’m an evil person, but simply because she constantly does really stupid things. For instance, as ACCESS HOLLYWOOD (via DEADSPIN) tells us, she texted AH correspondent Billy Bush the following about Phelps:

“Tell him he’s f***ing amazing, and I want to meet him.”

May Anderson and Lindsay Lohan

Ooooh. Ahhhh. A public spectacle by Blohan. How shocking. Until we find out that Bush was interviewing Phelps’ mom.

Real classy, Lindsay. No, no, seriously. What mom doesn’t want her All-American son hanging out with a lady like you? And his PR people and his manager, I’m sure they’re encouraging it too.

Nothing really grabs the momentum of a record setting Olympic games like getting herpes dating one of America’s up and coming actresses.