Michael Phelps is Certainly Popular with the Ladies

• Now that he’s the flavor of the month, Michael Phelps apparently has his choice of lady companionship - Amanda Beard, model Lily Donaldson, or even Lindsay Lohan.

Michael Phelps shows off his abs

• Chinese citizens aren’t so smitten with their super-sized Shaq statue.

• The Bengals may bring back Chris Henry. Because everyone deserved a sixth chance.

David Stern wants to bring an NBA league to China. Well, as long as the players don’t pose like this.

• A college hoopster for Cal Poly gets caught trying to knock off a Wisconsin bank.

• In other criminal news, a Carolina Panthers rookie gets his car stolen by one of Charlotte’s most wanted.

• Boy, those Olympians sure can go through the condoms.

• A boxer from Tajikistan takes a bite from Mike Tyson’s in-ring mouth manners.

• The Red Sox’ Mike Timlin shows off his mad archery skillz to Heidi Watney.

• If women’s table tennis wants to raise their attendance, they’ll need to raise their skirt hems.