MJ Schooled By Wall Street CEO Like 401K Holder

Like the 401k holder in your life, the WALL STREET JOURNAL , via NESW SPORTS, has video today of Michael Jordan getting schooled by a Wall Street CEO.

Michael Jordan beaten at Flight School by John Rogers Video

The 2003 vid comes from one of Jordan’s adult, money-grab camps, where he charges outlandish fees for a chance to get beatdown by MJ. The difference here is Jordan was on the receiving end.

Identity of the winner and video after the jump.

Jordan’s opponent is someone named John Rogers of something called Ariel Investments.

Best part of the video is Damon Wayans killing Jordan after Rogers goes Window for the win.I’d be thrilled for the CEO today, but being that the vid is from WSJ.com, who wants to be reminded of the still-cratering stock market?UPDATE: Back story on the game, which was a Best-of 5.