MJ Doesn’t Think the Kobe Comparisons Are Valid

Someone is always the “next Michael Jordan“. Aside from the fact that it is actually impossible to be Airness-Heir, this is a title most often bestowed on Kobe Bryant. Kobe, unlike most people, actually relishes the challenge accorded with the notion.

Kobe MJ

However, MJ doesn’t really seem to think that Kobe should even bother trying. YOU BEEN BLINDED dials up video proof that Mike tells youngsters at his basketball camp (who obviously want to be like him) that he would have destroyed Kobe while he (MJ) was in his prime.

You will “hear” (read: see in subtitles & listen through muffled talking) MJ state that he would crush Kobe in their various primes. And that’s a fact. Kobe is great, a superstar a legend … but MJ is Michael Freaking Jordan. He would destroy Kobe. Following his smack talk is a montage of MJ schooling youngsters. Good times.

Seriously though, MJ = GOAT. Just like LeBron is not the next MJ (he’s really closer to Magic, but even that’s not valid, really), it always works out better when we let people establish their own identity. Unless it leads to Jordan mocking Mamba in front of 12 year olds. Then I suppose I’m fine with it.