Michael Jordan High On Life; Stephen Jackson Peace And Guns Tattoo

• LION IN OIL has photogenic samples of His Mighty Airness enjoying his air a little too much:

Michael Jordan stoned

• At least it wasn’t steroids: 411 MANIA makes a wrong turn to the ring, as former WWE star and current TNA wrestler Kurt Angle was arrested for drunk driving.

• DEADSPIN isn’t so high on a college backup back who planted some plants in a teammate’s dorm room - and we ain’t talkin’ begonias.

• YAHOO! has the ink on the new tattoo for Golden State’s Stephen Jackson: a pair of praying hands holding a gun:

Tattoo praying hands gun

• PRAY FOR MOJO knows the Yankees are looking good for the post-season, as A-Rod makes a pre-playoff salon visit.

• Speaking of Lucky 13, PART MULE keeps an eye out for the stork, as Mr. & Mrs. Rodriguez are expecting kid #2.

• Meanwhile, 100% INJURY RATE wish they used better protection, as Lance Briggs’ baby mama is suing the Bears LB - but for what, they’re not quite sure:

Lance Briggs Chicago Bears

• DC SPORTS BOG turns off the tube, as many Redskins on their bye week passed on watching any football at all.

• RANDBALL sips up news that Andy Roddick wants you to drink him all in, as the tennis star is shilling a new sports beverage.

• BRUINS NATION takes offense to the play calling of UCLA coach Karl Dorrell:

Utah UCLA football

• WITH LEATHER gives a toast to the mayor of Boston, as he asks Red Sox fans and alcohol providers alike to drink and sell responsibly.

• THE SPORTS HERNIA gets in shape, as they check out some NBA training camp routines.