Michael Jordan Foot Cast Was Up For Bids

STRANGE AUCTION AFOOT FEATURING JORDAN’S ‘85 CAST: While hopping around the Internets, PAULKATCHER.COM came across a cast of worth thousands:

Michael Jordan foot cast

A site called Memory Lane Inc. was offering a foot cast reportedly worn by Michael Jordan during the 1985-86 NBA season. Bidding began last month with an open of $5,000.

After the auction ended on Sunday, what was the winning bid for the chance to smell Jordan’s foot after being under wraps for 2 months?

$5,000. Only one bid was made.

But if you’re looking for more medical curiosities, chances are you won’t find it on the same website, as this graphic now greets visitors:

Auctions Closed

Drat. Now, where can we go to find Bill Laimbeer’s face shield, or remnants from Charlie Weis’ gastric bypass?