Michael Jordan And The Gigantic Inflatable Penis

You never really know what’s going to happen on the 17th at Edgewood Tahoe when the American Century Celebrity Championship is in town. The fairway runs right along the lake, which means anyone with a boat can anchor right off the beach and watch for free. Many hop off their boats and watch up close, which probably explains the man on Sunday who got into the NBC camera’s shot of Michael Jordan while holding a giant inflatable penis. I doubt that they would have let him through the main gate with that thing.

Michael Jordan Tahoe Celebrity Golf

Unless … he snuck it in delfated in his pants or something. That conjurs the comical image of a man somewhere on the course blowing up an inflatable penis (”Is it getting bigger?”) as horrified onlookers walk past. No, has to be a boat person. In my opinion, sporting events need more giant inflatable penises, and the NBC commentators seem to agree. Video following the jump.

The mind reels at what a giant inflatable penis autographed by Michael Jordan would be worth.

Update: Actually, it appears to be a woman holding the giant penis. I will pay good money for photos of her paddling back out to her boat.