Michael Jordan: America’s #1 Cause Of Cancer

Now this may come as a shock to some of you, but the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, enjoys smoking a stogie once in a while. I also hear rumors that he likes gambling and women as well. Who knew!?

(Photo courtesy of TMZ)

Apparently this is all news to the American Cancer Society, as they aren’t very pleased with some photos of His Airness that have recently surfaced. TMZ.com posted photos of Jordan playing in a softball game and smoking a cigar while doing so. Obviously, this just wasn’t something the ACS could let slip by.


The ACS fired off a letter from former president Cary Presant who said:

“When high profile athletes publicly display unhealthful habits they can mislead young people to emulate their behavior. According to the American Cancer Society tobacco use in this country is responsible for (one-third) of all cancers and remains the most preventable cause of death in our society. 8.6 million Americans suffer from chronic smoking-related disease. Since 1964 smoking has cause more than 12 million premature deaths in the U.S.”

First of all, why is the ACS using it’s former president to make this statement? Is the current president too busy trying to do something useful, like say, cure cancer? Or maybe Presant is acting as a lone wolf here, and just really misses his old job.

Whatever the reasoning behind this is, it’s idiotic. If Michael Jordan wants to smoke a cigar while playing softball, then Michael Jordan can smoke a cigar while playing softball. I don’t care what the children of America will think about it. It’s not like he’s doing so while giving a speech to a bunch of sixth graders. Are we going to follow him home and tell him he’s putting too much salt on his dinner too?

Besides, Jordan has been retired from the NBA for nearly five years now. Kids these days have an attention span of about 25 seconds, so most of them probably don’t even know who the hell Michael Jordan is, let alone want to emulate his smoking habits.