ESPN Reports Michael Dell May Buy Miami Dolphins

MIAMI DOLPHINS SOON TO SEND IN PLAYS FROM BOMBAY?: Hank Goldberg reported yesterday on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” that Dell Computer CEO Michael Dell is a potential buyer of the Miami Dolphins.

Dell Billboard India

We know the Dolphins are having a tough season but having the plays sent in from Bangalore might not be the best idea going forward.Goldberg also noted that Wayne Huizengacould always sell off a sizable chunk of the team and remain the controlling partner until he sells the rest.”

Right, with Huizenga’s stellar stewardship (1-13 this season, no Super Bowl wins in 17 years), we’re sure that scenario is sure to attract a (leaky) raft of buyers.

Meanwhile, the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL reports that real estate developers Jorge Perez and Stephen Ross are frontrunner to purchase the club outright, but that Huizenga would not sell the team for “less than $1[B].