Michael Conley Can Really Handle His Balls

• YARDBARKER shows how well Memphis Grizzlies rookie Michael Conley can handle his balls:

Michael Conley

• “Hit me!” No, no like that: MR. SUNSHINE finds a World Series of Poker finalist not playing with a full deck.

• The SERIOUS SPORTS NETWORK reports Milton Bradley hurt himself again - this time by watching the soaps.

• YAHOO! pours out a quick snapshot of A-Rod enjoying a golden shower after the New York Yankees clinched their 13th-straight playoff birth:

A-Rod golden shower

• MUSIC CITY MIRACLES isn’t so high as on Michael Vick right now.

• Turning to the weather, GHOSTS OF WAYNE FONTES sees a lot of hail in Michigan’s forecast.

• PART MULE looks for some new boxers, as they check out this jumping Japanese jabber (possibly NSFW):

Japanese girl boxer

• RUMORS AND RANTS puts on their mukluks, as they step upon the frozen tundra of Lammm-beauuuu Field.

• SPORTS FROG makes their day, as they discover that, like Dirty Harry, it’s dangerous to partner with Tiger Woods.

• BARSTOOL SPORTS hits the tables, as a woman with a low pair is asked to ante up and out of a casino:

Woman big pair

• See what this crazy man (NSFW) has done? DEUCE OF DAVENPORT discovers another video treasure, this time in support of Jose Mourinho. (And he makes just as much sense as the Britney backer.)

• ONE MORE DYING QUAIL hopes Notre Dame doesn’t feel too lonely, as 10 other Division 1-A schools have yet to taste victory this year.