Michael Buffer Worth $400M, Had Throat Cancer?

The LOS ANGELES TIMES has a profile this week on boxing ring announcer Michael Buffer. We would mention what his trademark phrase is, but of course, he’d then sue the life out of us.

Michael Buffer Christine Prado

(Father-daugher, how lovely! Oh, sorry, we meant man-and-wife)

LAT: Buffer said his copyrighted claim to “Let’s get ready to rumble!” and his own celebrity has generated $400 million in gross retail sales of video games, motion picture appearances, action figures and other licensing deals. He guards any infringement of his intellectual property intensely, suing violators.

Michael Buffer Action Figure

Action figures? Yep, here’s one. We’d love to see the psychological profile of the person over the age of five who purchases such a product. Probably someone who spends most of his time in a dark room, cooking up diabolical schemes in front of a computer screen. Wait, Bob Costas would know all about that … we’ll ask him.

Back to Buffer. In one of the ironic twists of all time, the man who made almost half a billion off his delivery of a single, throwaway phrase recently had throat cancer.

“When I got the diagnosis, not knowing if I’d ever work again, I asked to delay the surgery a week so I could do the Pacquiao fight,” Buffer, 63, said. “They were going to be cutting into my neck, and even if I got through that, I knew the radiation can mess with your salivary gland. I don’t think it’d look good announcing with a microphone in one hand and a water bottle in the other.”

Buffer’s surgery ended up going very well. The cancer is now gone, not even requiring followup radiation treatments. Thank god, as he no longer has to immediately worry about his future wife, someone named Christine Prado.

Christine Prado Michael Buffer

You have to credit Ms. Prado, for sticking by her human ATM machine Buffer through his harrowing ordeal.

Mazoltov kids!