Shocker! Michael Beasley Declares For NBA Draft

In the biggest shocker to hit college basketball since O.J. Mayo said toodle-oo to the Trojans, Michael Beasley has declared for the NBA Draft.

Michael Beasley

The Kansas State freshman phenom will forgo his final three years in Manhattan, and likely land a fat contract as the #1 pick in the June draft.

Although the announcement was inevitable, it wasn’t any easier for Wildcats coach Frank Martin to take.

Obviously flustered with losing his best player, Martin didn’t speak too kindly about the pro league’s rule of players having at least one year of college under their belt. Such a rule has created a lot of one-and-done cases, a trend Frank doesn’t appreciate:

“This is a collegiate institution, not an NBA training camp.”

Sorry, Frank, but unless you play for a school that’s best chance for the post-season is the Tournament play-in game, that’s the way it is.

Even so, Martin maintained a supportive attitude of Beasley during Monday’s press conference, thanking him for his great play and what his presence meant to K-State:

“Michael has opened doors in the college basketball world that weren’t open to us a year ago.”

Like the “exit” door. Right, Huggy?