Miami’s A-Rod Banquet Maybe Could Have Waited

There’s bad timing, like Bernie Madoff’s wife withdrawing $10 million the day before his arrest. There’s really bad timing, like Napoleon deciding winter was the best time to invade Russia. Then there’s the University of Miami, unveiling Alex Rodriguez Park yesterday.

Alex Rodriguez

If we assume that Miami players are expected to be inspired by his performance and not his sense of fair play, it was a nice little event in Coral Gables. But with the assembled media in tow, everything A-Rod does these days takes on a surreal circus tinge.

“I want to welcome my friends in the back,” he said [referring to the swarm of cameras]. “We travel together just like a family. A dysfunctional family. As you know, it’s been a really quiet week for me, so it’s nice to get out on a Friday night.”

Rodriguez never actually attended The U, turning down a scholarship to sign with the Mariners. But he has donated a buttload of money, hence the field being renamed in his honor. At the banquet, he barely addressed the only issue people care about:

“Unless you’ve been in a cave the last week, you know I’ve made some [mistakes],” he said. “But I understand only in America can you dream big, work hard and be rewarded beyond your dreams. There will be adversity along the way, but regardless of the challenges that lie ahead, move forward, address your errors and right your path.”

Putting the whole steroid thing aside, here’s really all you need to know about Alex Rodriguez. The ballpark had been named Mark Light Field, at the request of the previous benefactor to honor his son, who died of muscular dystrophy. Rodriguez, after donating $3.9 million, renamed the field after himself.