Miami Miracle Win Not Seen By LA TV Viewers

COMMERCIALS DELETE DOLPHINS TD FROM L.A. VIEWERS: The Dolphins won’t be joining the 1976 Buccaneers in the record books, as Miami won for the first time this season, thanks to a 64-yard touchdown in OT.

Dolphins Greg Camarillo

Too bad TV viewers in L.A. didn’t get to see it.As we watched on a SoCal set on Sunday, the Jaguars had just smacked the Steelers, when CBS switched over to the Miami-Baltimore matchup. Within a few plays, the Ravens were already in field goal range.

As Matt Stover lined up to kick the Fins to another loss, play-by-play man Kevin Harlan mentioned on-air that the Baltimore booter had never missed in overtime.

Matt Stover Ravens

As you would expect, Stover’s shot sailed to the left. After the miss, CBS’ coverage went back to their New York studios, then quickly on to a commercial break.When we were returned to the action, there wasn’t any action left. Instead, the first thing we saw was a graphic reading “Miami 22, Batlimore 16, Final-OT”, followed by slo-mo replays of Cleo Lemon’s TD pass to Greg Camarillo.

(What CBS viewers in L.A. missed)

We didn’t even get to witness the Dolphins’ game-winning, misery-ending play live. Amusingly, it’s not even the first time the network missed a final game-clinching play in order to collect ad revenue.In 1986, CBS was broadcasting Notre Dame rallying from a 37-20 deficit to USC. When it came time for John Carney to attempt the winning field goal, the Eye was shut on the Coliseum, as they took a commercial break instead. Like Dolphins viewers in L.A., fans didn’t see the final kick live.

Notre Dame USC 1986 Tim Brown

Even though NBC has the ‘Heidi game‘ to their discredit, at least the Peacock only made such a programming mistake once.• Back to the Bucs, it turned out to be a historic day for Tampa Bay, after all. During Tampa’s 37-3 declawing of the Petrino-less Falcons, Micheal Spurlock ran back a kickoff for a TD - for the first time in the franchise’s 31-year history.

And it only took 1,865 tries by 141 different players to finally make it to the end zone.

Although there’s no question about the great runback, there seems to be debate about the correct spelling of Spurlock’s first name.

On the Buccaneers’ official website, #17 is listed on the roster as “Micheal” Spurlock:

Micheal Spurlock Bucs roster

But when a click on the name takes visitors to the player’s personal page, he’s now known as “Michael” Spurlock:

Michael Spurlock Mississippe

We’ll take the roster’s word for it, since the personal page’s designer seems to also have trouble spelling “Mississippi”.