Dolphins Have Trouble Getting Celebs To Games

DOLPHINS’ EFFORTS TO GET A-LIST CELEBS INCOMPLETE: When you’re one of the worst teams in football, even the allure of South Beach and warm weather can’t bring the celebrities to your stadium:

Gisele bikini Dolphins sack

The PALM BEACH POST finds plenty of seats available for A-Listers, and even B- or C-Listers, as the Miami Dolphins work to get the toasts of Tinseltown to Dade County.Even before the 0-7 start, the NFL team had hired Doris Porter, PR Director for the local NFL Alumni Association, to help get the stars to shine at Dolphins Stadium this year. It’s Porter’s job to convince famous faces to show their mugs in Miami’s park.

Any celebs willing to watch Cleo Lemon & Co. are treated to luxury boxes, four-star accommodations, great grub, nifty Dolphins gear, and flights in & out - all on the team’s dime.

Matt Damon Miami Dolphins 0-16 sign

So far this season, there haven’t been many takers - except last Sunday, when Matt Damon, Matt Dillon and Gisele Bundchen all honored the crowd with their presence. Unfortunately, they were all rooting for the Patriots.Porter has been reaching at straws in trying to get any celebrity appearances at the stadium. She’s even put out feelers for such potential seat fillers as Britney Spears, Kevin Federline and Lindsay Lohan. But even owner Wayne Huizenga isn’t that desperate, as he put the kabosh on those visits.

While the ‘Fins enjoy some fish & chips in Merrie Olde England this week, maybe they can convince some British screen stars to come across the pond and enjoy a ripping good game, old chap.

Monty Python & The Holy Grail

But if Miami performs as well in Wembley Stadium as they’ve done all season, then bollocks to that idea.