Miami Dolphins, Chock Full Of Mormon Goodness

Via the PALM BEACH POST, Dick Harmon of the DESERET NEWS came across a curious discovery: while the Miami Dolphins haven’t made acquired any New Orleans Saints as of late, they are filled to the brim with Latter Day Saints.

Lots of Mormons on the Dolphins

(Trent Green and Brigham Young — they’re roughly the same age.)

Three BYU alum — John Beck, John Denney and Kelly Poppinga — are on the roster, with Utah State draftee Shawn Murphy and Hawai’i grads Devone Bess and Samson Satele rounding out the sextet of Mormons on the roster, but if all six make the cut come Week 1, that’s damn near one-eighth of the team.

There’s no documentation of religious tendencies on NFL rosters, so outside of the losingest loser at the Elias Sports Bureau, the world may never know if the Dolphins have a chance to become the “Mormonest” (© 2008 Sussman Creative Word Solutions, LLC) roster in NFL history.

Now if they really want to go for the undisputed high score, there are still roster moves they could make. C’mon, adding Ty Detmer to the depth chart really helps out the quarterback position.