Dolphins Cheerleader Shoot Done w/Real Fin Fans

It’s the most important time of year on the NFL calendar. No, we don’t mean training camp - we’re talking cheerleader bikini shoots! So far, we’ve seen the Baltimore Ravens girls flocking down to the Dominican Republic, while the Philadelphia Eagles ladies are doing their part to save the environment.

Miami Dolphins cheerleaders with dolphins

Now the gals from the Miami Dolphins are getting into the ecological act by holding their photo ops - with real, live dolphins!

Miami Dolphins cheerleader with dolphin

(Smile! You, too, Flipper!)

WITH LEATHER spouts up news from the PROFESSIONAL CHEERLEADERS BLOG that during a photo session at Orlando’s Discovery Cove, the lucky ladies dove right in & lounged around with some Bottlenose buddies. Cheerleader Ashton describes her aquatic experience:

“I walked into the water and warmed up to him and he came up to me and I got to almost touch them which is really cool. Not a lot of people get to do that so I feel very fortunate.”

Miami Dolphins cheerleader bikini

(This cheerleader bikini photo is dolphin-safe)

We wonder if this will inspire other NFL clubs to take their cheerleaders off on similar shoots with their team namesakes.

The Colts & Broncos might be fun, except for saddle sores. The Cardinals, Falcons & Seahawks should go OK, except for problems with bird poop. The Bears, Lions, Jaguars, Bengals & Panthers could be cause for concern.