Miami Columnist Edwin Pope Has Seen All Forty Super Bowls

Most people have never been to a single Super Bowl, let alone every Super Bowl. One of the fortunate few to have seen all XL (i.e. 40) is longtime MIAMI HERALD columnist Edwin Pope.

To commemorate this noteworthy feat, the newspaper has posted all of Pope’s past Super Bowl columns.

Additionally, the Herald has a collection of audio clips where Pope chats about each and every game. Of the initial encounter in 1967 between Green Bay and Kansas City, he recalls that, “about 30,000 out of the 90,000 seats were covered over because they couldn’t sell the tickets. … those tickets went for $12 for the best location, $10 and $6, and they still could only sell two-thirds of the seats.”

This well-conceived package does have one glaring omission: Nowhere do we find Pope’s take on the halftime show performed by Carol Channing at Super Bowl IV.