Miami Caliente Holds Hot Lingerie Football Tryouts

• Tryouts were held for the Lingerie Football League’s Miami Caliente, and some of the resulting scenes were, dare I say, en fuego:

Miami Caliente lingerie football

Mark Cuban uses his blog to apologize to Kenyon Martin’s mom. But if you think the Mavs-Nuggets rivalry has cooled off, just ask LaLa Vasquez.

• The Dodgers know what women want - their own online radio broadcast!

• The Blackhawks scalp the Canucks, while the Caps force a Game 7.

• A slimmer Jessica Simpson sings at Sea World, much to PETA’s chargin.

• Speaking of the Cowboys, a woman admitted to killing her husband when he wouldn’t turn the game down.

Chuck Liddell, Brad Penny & Chris Cooley don’t stop believing that they can actually sing.

Isiah Thomas tells Dan Patrick he really, really, really tried to make the Knicks a good team.

• Liverpool fans don’t take too kindly to a soccer radio host’s comments on the Hillsborough Disaster.

• If the Cavs win the NBA championship, should Eric Snow get a ring?