Mia Lines Has A Mean Backhand For A 4-Year Old

When Tiger Woods and his wife had a son on Sunday, there were a lot of jokes about how in two years he was going to be better than half the golfers on the PGA Tour. They were jokes, sure, but really were they that far off? I mean, after all, wasn’t Tiger only two years old when he appeared on The Mike Douglas Show? The truth is, parents are getting their kids started in sports earlier and earlier in hopes of cashing in on their progeny.

Mia Lines

One such sport where this has been prevalent for a while is tennis. Stars such as Venus Williams, Serena Williams, and Maria Sharapova were trained as children to be tennis machines, and it paid off in the form of millions of dollars in winnings and endorsements. Which is why if you’re going to train your little girl to be a tennis pro, you should probably hire the same coach who taught those three. Even if your daughter is only four years old.


Mia Lines picked up a racket at the age of only one and is now gaining from the enormous experience of renowned tennis coach Rick Macci at his academy.

“I have seen hundreds of kids come through my school in the 25 years I have been doing this and I have never seen a four year old with such god-given talent,” he said.

“It is difficult to compare Mia to players I have coached like Venus and Serena Williams, Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova.  Mia’s technique is incredible and what she is doing is bringing foot-work you can’t teach to the table.

“What I would say is ask me if she can go all the way in five years and I will be able to tell you then.

“In the meantime my opinion is that she can not be any better than she is at this age.”

Obviously what coach Macci is trying to say is that there’s no way he can deduce how great of a female tennis player little Mia will be because at only four years of age, we have no way of knowing if she’ll grow up to be hot or not. That’s the deciding factor in how good girl tennis players can be, not training or talent. Backhands win points, but backsides win endorsements.

The good news is that she already has the overbearing father, Glenn Lines, who upon finding out he was going to have a daughter, “ran round telling everyone that she is going to be a tennis player.” He then had her doing drills to work on her hand-eye coordination at the age of one. Can’t wait to see his reaction when at the age of 14 she rebels and decides she wants to be a doctor. Boy will he be pissed!