Meyer Still Has Hopes to Make Urban Legend at ND

• Gator Nation gasps as Urban Meyer still has his eyes on the Irish job.

Urban Meyer Touchdown Jesus

Cole Hamels gets all choked up when talking about the New York Mets.

• Pimpin’ ain’t easy - especially when you’re trying to blackmail Al Unser, Jr.

• It’s hard to tell which is more frightening to look at - “Forest Faces”, or the face on this Michael Jordan figurine.

• Has your five iron gone flaccid? Need a new wood? Then make a stop at your local brothel-slash-pro am shop.

• But before you pay the new golf girls visit, be sure to pick up some official NFL-licensed condoms.

Fred Couples learns a valuable lesson - never gamble with Tiger Woods.

• This is not the Michael Phelps Asian girlfriend you’re looking for. They can go about their business. Move along.

• And the winner of today’s Purdue-populated caption contest is…

Kyle Orton Drew Brees

Lammer, who lassos up this bit of thankfulness: Aren’t you glad neither of us has to throw to Terrell Owens?

Thank y’all for playing. Have a fun, fantastic, festive, fruitful weekend!