Mexico, Uruguay Play Hoops, Throw A Few Chairs

I don’t know why basketball fights tend to differ so dramatically from those in other sports; like baseball, where everyone just gets into a comfortable clinch; soccer, where the players simply run away, or football, where it seems no one really fights at all. Unless you play at Miami. In basketball, for some reason, they fight for real.

Mexico Uruguay basketbrawl

Uruguay is a tiny nation, but they’re feisty. And Mexico is Mexico, with a fine tradition of tempestuousness and midget wrestling. So when tensions flared at the 2009 FIBA Americas Tournament between the two, you knew it would be nasty. And it’s the third major brawl between international basketball teams in the past month. Video following the jump.

Wait, did I say no one runs away in basketball? I’ll have to correct myself there, as quite a few players can be seen scampering around in the video below. Of course in their defense, Mexican players are trying to hit them with chairs.


Tensions came to a head when Mexico’s star player Romel Beck got into the face of Uruguayan guard Emilio Taboada after a foul call.

From there, it was mayhem as players faced off, not knowing where to turn they punched, grabbed, and kicked at each other, throwing chairs and anything else they could get their hands on.

Eventually the Uruguayan players sought refuge in their locker room as many of the Mexican players followed looking to continue the fight.

The game was called after the tussle. Mexico was up at that point 68-60 with 46 seconds remaining in the third period.

The best part: Mexico and Uruguay are both in Pool A, and are scheduled to play again on Sunday.

What’s with all the fisticuffs? In July, Iran and Jordan duked it out during the Jones Cup. Then two weeks later, Italy and Canada went at it during the Eurobasket tournament. And yes, these games are all called friendlies.

Poor Uruguay. Why do people seem to hate them so?

(Hmm, it would seem that flopping even occurs during fights)