Mexican Surfer Rick Fox May Stop On-Air Cameos

We can’t help it, we love Rick Fox. The man whose career never should have lasted long enough to parachute onto title teams with Shaq never fails to bring intrigue, whether he’s on the set of some preposterous soap opera or on a pre-game show. Lately, the scripts he’s been delivering on Fox Sports West’s “Lakers Live” pre- and post-game shows have been better than soap operas anyway. So we’re begging that his Twitter updates claiming he may quit the whole broadcasting biz are a preliminary overreaction to some out of control criticism.

rick fox mexican surfer

As’s FAN NATION first pointed out, Fox’s Monday night routine was pretty bizarre, even if that’s precisely what made it so captivating. First, he unzipped his sweatshirt and screamed “Wolverine!” during the pre-game show. Then, after the Lakers eliminated the Jazz, he went into Mexican celebration mode, screaming out “Orale, orale!” repeatedly, before asking if anyone had “ever seen a Mexican surf?” while he pretended to ride wives and hummed “Wipeout!

All in all, those were the only two moments of moderately captivating television on “Lakers Live” all week, so we don’t see what’s wrong with increasing Fox’s role on the show.

Unfortunately, some people seem to feel otherwise (here’s a hint, they wear suits and sit next to him on “Lakers Live”), and that could spell the end of Fox’s all-too-brief foray into regional sports broadcasting. That’s a shame for him — because he’s great in front of the TV — and us, because he’s a certifiable lunatic. The combination of those two skills are all too rarely found in their native form, and Fox was nothing if not comfortable being in his “native form.”

After all, this is a man who is bringing some 30+ condoms to Uganda? How much protected sex can he have with Ugandan women? Evidently a lot. Wonder how his 14-year-old son and ex-wife and “close friend” Vanessa Williams feel about that, don’t you?