Mexican Mini Wrestlers And Prostitutes Don’t Mix

What you’ve always feared has unfortunately come true: Brothers Alberto and Alejandro Jiminez, better known to mini-wrestling fans as La Parkita and Espectrito Jr., were found dead in their Mexico City hotel room on Monday after an apparent romp with hookers. Will the tragic celebrity deaths never end? Why, oh why did La Parkita and Espectrito have to consort with ladies of the evening?

Actually this is a, pardon the expression, big deal in Mexico and in wrestling circles. The brothers, pioneers in the resurgence of what is commonly referred to as midget wrestling, were reportedly approached by prostitutes on Sunday night, brought them to their hotel room, but did not emerge when the women later left the room. They were later found dead in their beds. Police say that it is common practice in Mexico for prostitutes to rob customers by spiking their drinks so that they pass out. Video of the wrestlers in action (in the ring!) following the jump.


La Parkita and Espectrito II were both two of the pioneers of the Lucha Mini resurgence in the 90’s as stars in both AAA and CMLL. Espectrito II has wrestled under many names and masks in his carer including Mini Mankind, Tarantula (while in the WWE shortly), and most recently as Guerrerito del Futuro. He lost his Espectrito mask to Octagoncito in 1997.

La Parkita is considered by many to be one of of the best in-ring Minis in all of Lucha Libre and has been so for many years. Parkita has wrestled all over the world including Japan and the United States (most recently in CHIKARA Pro). Both had been wrestling on theĀ indie scene (mostly in Mexico City) recently wrestling for such groups as Los Bizarros, IWRG, Perros del Mal, and more. They will be missed.

More coverage here. I’m sad that I had to bring you this cautionary tale, but if I can prevent just one Mexican mini wrestler from encountering tragic consequences with a hooker, then it’s all been worthwhile.