Mets/Phillies Drunken Fights > Yanks/Sox Fights?

The bar was set at Fat Yankees Fan vs. Fat Red Sox Fan. Can the Drunk Mets Fan vs. Drunk Phillies Fan see their idiocy and raise them? Let’s see what THE 700 LEVEL dragged in.

Mets fan gets arrested for a fight

Enh. It’s close, but still way off. The Yankee/Red Sox brouhaha had a railing kill, making it closer to Space Mutiny than the Mets/Phillies fight. Although the Mets fan lying tummy first in a cocktail of blood and beer (Known In Philadelphia: The “Urbina Colada”) definitely gives this story traction if video ever surfaces.

Also giving it bonus points: the fight actually caused a brief timeout in the game. The players took even notice. Billy Wagner waxed poetic on how Phillies fans love seeing people hurt, and how small it must make them. Wagner then proceeded to record the save and drove home in a Hot Wheels convertible.

What’s clearly happening is an inferiority complex between both fans, when being compared to the Sox and Yankees, they’re simply not insufferable enough. So they’re trying to top that. And for that, you have to give them credit.

But the Mets/Phillies rivalry might be shedding blood all over the mezzanine, but it still pales in comparison to the Yankees and Red Sox feuding. Get New York and Philadelphia in an LCS. Then we’ll see how many teeth remain in the most drinkin’, fightin’, cursin’ fans of all.