Mets, Yankees Have Some Strange Sponsorships

As we reported yesterday, even the Boston Red Sox are feeling the pinch in these tough economic times, as they are scrambling to replace the revenues from several major sponsors who have left. But apparently the chilling effect of the economy on baseball hasn’t reached New York yet. CNBC’s Darren Rovell says that both the Mets and Yankees have had little trouble selling advertising space at their new stadiums, or finding companies to be the team’s “official” something or other.

Mets clowns

Some of the sponsorship deals are pretty straightforward: Pepsi is the Official Soft Drink/Carbonated Drink of both teams. But some of the other deals are a bit more…let’s call them esoteric. As in a “why would a baseball team need an Official Deli Meat?” sort of way.

For example, the Mets have an Official Pudding: Kozy Shack, a brand that I’ve never heard of before but apparently has enough marketing dollars to throw around. So don’t let the Mets catch you sneaking into Citi Field with Jell-O Pudding: you will be beaten to within an inch of your life if you do. Needless to say, Bill Cosby is not welcome at Mets home games.

Another notable sponsorship for the Mets is that their Official Party Provider is a company called Send in the Clowns. Which makes you wonder why they chose the Mets: if you’re talking about clowns, you would think that the Nationals or Royals would be more natural choices. However, this will make one interesting locker room celebration…if the Mets actually ever do anything worth celebrating.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Yankees have twice as many “official” sponsors as the Mets, and nothing as intriguing as Send in the Clowns. Most of them are boring, big name sponsors like Toyota, Sony and Aneuser-Busch. Although I find it interesting that Amtrak is the Official Rail Fare of the Yankees. Because when the Yankees travel by train, they take Amtrak. Because they have no other choice. It’s like saying that the Yankees’ Official Element Used In Cellular Respiration is oxygen.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to hide these Pringles and go by a bag of Utz potato chips - the Official Potato Chips of the New York Yankees - before Hank Steinbrenner sends goons over to my place to “straighten out this mess.”