Mets Lowering Beer Prices At Brand New Ballpark

Earlier we briefed baseball fans on the delectable edibles that await them when they head out to the new Yankee Stadium this season, from an in-house deli to the occasional appearance of an Iron Chef. Well, the New York Mets remind us that, hey, we’ve got a new ballpark opening up, too, and we’ve also got some fantastic foodstuffs for you fans.

Mr Met beer mug

(Mr. Met sez, “Fill ‘er up - with savings!”)

But the Amazin’s are playing a trump card that they believe can best any bruschetta or baklava available in the Bronx - by lowering beer prices!

BLOOMBERG chugs down the news that Budweiser cans will be selling in the new Citi Field for $6 each. (We assume there will also be beer in the cans.) That’s a 20% savings from the $7.50 that the suds went for in the old Shea Stadium.

And that’s not the only meal markdown from last season. Hamburgers will be going down from $7.25 to $5.75, popcorn will pop a 15%-less hole in your eating budget, bottled water will wash away 50 cents from its previous price, and Pepsi drinks will be a quarter less than last year - not 25 percent, but 25 cents. Hey, a price cut is a price cut.

As for the alcohol, that $1.50 per beverage in savings can really add up. Say you were driving your motorized barstool from Ohio to Flushing. Your average barstool driver’s daily drinking (i.e. 15 beers) can result in $22.50 in savings - enough to by another case or two of Bud during the trip home. We’ll drink to that! (But not drive afterward, motorized barstool or not.)

Yet, Citi Field fans should be warned not to take too much advantage of the Mets’ generosity - or this could happen to you: