Mets Finding New & Exciting Ways To Hurt Selves

It was just this morning that we said this: “Meanwhile, things may have finally hit rock bottom for the Mets this year.” That was in reference to the Mets’ 9th inning collapse and eventual loss to the Cardinals, a game that saw Luis Castillo likely earn a spot on the DL by spraining his ankle on the dugout steps.

Jon Niese
(Niese, seen here not yet writhing around the ground in agony.)

Oh, but rock bottom? Such fools we are! It’s only August, and that end of the season is a looooong way away. So seeing as how it’s been, what, 15 hours since a Met severely injured himself, clearly, they were overdue. Hope there’s more room on the DL for another pitcher!

Your latest victim is one Jon Niese, a 22-year-old who was starting today against the Cardinals. As NEWSDAY reports, in the second inning, Niese covered first on a bunt attempt - a choice he likely regrets:

He stretched both legs awkwardly while catching the throw; his left foot touched the base, but too late to record the out.

Niese went back to the mound in discomfort as manager Jerry Manuel and trainer Ray Ramirez came out. Niese attempted a warmup pitch and crumpled in agony as his right leg gave out on his follow-through. […]

Niese lay on the mound for a few minutes before he was helped off the field. He did not put any weight on his right leg.

Should Niese and Castillo both hit the disabled list as one would reasonably expect, that would make a surreal 11 Mets on DL at once. And it’s not just scrubs, either.

There are six current or former All-Stars on the list: Carlos Beltran, Castillo, Carlos Delgado, J.J. Putz, Jose Reyes, and Billy Wagner. The list contained as much as over $67 million in salary on it earlier in the season; now it’s down to a more pedestrian $50 million or so.

But hey, at least the Mets - who are way, way out of postseason contention - are winning 5-0 in the 3rd inning. Hope the bullpen can put in over seven innings of work without their arms bursting into flames and their heads falling off. It’s a 50/50 proposition these days.