Mets Fan Drops Gold Tooth, Gets Stuck In Toilet

Two weeks ago Citi Field was christened with its first fistfight. Last week it was christened with its first streaker. Well, the ballpark’s officially open now, since the first Mets fan got trapped in the toilet.

Citi Field Toilet

Reinforcing every stereotype we have about Mets fans, the woman got her arm lodged in the toilet after trying to fish out the gold tooth she dropped in there. She was trapped for hours while security and plumbers worked to free her, the toilet flushing on her arm the entire time.

Obviously we don’t have a picture, but the mental image is so spectacular it ought to win a Pulitzer.

The Flushing in Flushing, as the incident will no doubt come to be known amongst future generations, happened during last week’s game against Atlanta. The woman was, as the NEW YORK POST puts it, “trapped screaming in the john,” and security and EMTs were unable to pry her loose.

So they called in a worker from the company who installed the toilets, who had to travel from the offices 7 miles away. The toilet had to be taken apart to free the woman. The gold tooth was never recovered.

At one point, she became more entertaining than the game — which the Mets lost 8-7 — as fans gathered outside the bathroom near Section 338 to see the off-field action.

You stay classy, Queens.