Mets Don’t Like Dwight Writing on Their New Walls

• The Mets are mad at Dwight Gooden for holding an impromptu autograph session on their brand new Citi Field walls.

Dwight Gooden Mets

• Some pretty exciting playoff performances by the Bulls & Sixers so far. Too bad it’s all a formality until the Lakers-LeBron finals.

• It’s one thing for linemen to get the late-night munchies, but stealing $82 worth of hamburgers & Hot Pockets from other people’s fridges?

• Looks like the Cavs have found their new playoff anthem, thanks to Joe Smith … er, Joe Beast.

• Another great use for Twitter: Calling local sportswriters fat.

• Invest now in the Cubs! Guaranteed not to make you any money!

• Radio coverage of Southern Miss’ spring game gets a little raunchy.

• Did NBC really lose $45 million covering last season’s Super Bowl?

• What do Thunder players think about living in Oklahoma City? The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.

• Ole Miss b-ball coach Andy Kennedy pleads guilty to disorderly conduct in cabbie assault case. But there’s still plenty of lawsuits to go around.