Mets, Brewers Trying To Out-Collapse Each Other

It’s just about time for you to remove all the sharp objects from the vicinity of any Mets or Brewers fans you may be friendly with. Seems both teams are following up ridiculous meltdowns last September with encore performances in 2008. The Mets, at least, have decided to get passed by the Phillies with a week and a half left in the season instead of waiting until the final Sunday.

Mets and Brewers

Meanwhile, the Brewers and CC Sabathia lost to the Cubs, one day after their “no, we’re not panicking at all, what would give you that idea?” dumping of manager Ned Yost. Seriously, how much did everyone over there have to hate that guy for them to axe him with 12 games left?

It’s easy for the ghosts of 2007 to crop up, but it isn’t exactly deja vu for either team. The Mets were a mess a couple of months ago and looked headed for a listless .500 season before their big hitters started actually hitting. The Crew, unlike last season when they led nearly wire-to-wire before collapsing, have been lagging behind the Cubs all year and never have really had a stranglehold on the wild card. But none of these little details matter to the faithful of either team.

The Mets blog FAITH AND FEAR IN FLUSHING pretty much sums up what every Met fan is going through right now — and what every Met fan was going through about a year ago tonight:

Look tonight and tomorrow and maybe you’ll catch sight of me bawling and banging my head against the seats in abject panic while my companions pretend they don’t know me.

For what it’s worth, David Wright seems to think things are getting “fun,” as quoted by METSBLOG.COM:

“This is what makes it fun…This is what you work hard for.  This is what you prepare for…This is a bump in the road.  It doesn’t matter what Philadelphia does.  It only matters what the guys in this clubhouse do and we plan on getting the job done.  Like I said, we’re gonna see what we’re made of.  This is a little bump in the road, and I’m excited moving forward because I think we’ve got a room full of guys who will not allow us to fail.”

Actually, Dave, it does matter what the Phillies do from now on, considering they’ve won more games than you have. I’m sure all of your fans are awfully glad you’re having the time of your life right now.

Meanwhile, over on all the Brewers blogs…oh, who am I kidding, there aren’t any Brewers blogs. Silly me!

As it stands now, one of these two teams will actually make the playoffs, but it seems that it’s turning into a contest of who wants it less. The Mets’ no-run, four-hit performance against the great Odalis Perez last night seems to put the Mets in the lead for the honor of Memorable Collapse 2: Electric Boogaloo.

But if the Brewers can somehow get the injured Chris Capuano into a game or two (the Brewers have lost 22 consecutive games in which Capuano has appeared), I’m sure they might be able to run that playoff-less streak to 26 years. Couple that with a passionate “Rob Deer isn’t walking through that door” speech from new manager Dale Sveum, and it’s advantage Brew Crew.

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