Mercury Morris Video On Pats Going Undefeated

THREE FINGERS OF CUTTY BY 3RD HOLE ISN’T A GOOD IDEA: ESPN put a bug up the ass of interviewed Mercury Morris, running back for the ‘72 Dolphins, about the Patriots’ quest for an undefeated season:

Mercury Morris

Morris: “They’re comparing them [the Patriots] to a 17-0 team? If they were 17-0, but I think they are like 10 games short right now, right? They got 10 more icebergs to go through in this titanic trip that they’re talking about. So far nobody’s made it across their except us! So we’re over docked here waiting on ya!“”Right now, they haven’t done that. Don’t call me when you’re in my town. Call me when you’re on my block and I see ya next door when you’re moving your furniture in. That’s when I know you’re going to the championship to play. And if you win it I’ll be dressed up in a tuxedo waiting on my bride.

Bright side: At least they won’t have to worry about a videographer for the wedding.