Memphis Tigers Investigated For FedEx Phone Call

You work for a major national company for 11 years in a regional office. You probably don’t expect to get any attention from the very high rungs of the company. One day, the CEO of said company wants to talk to you — not about you, but about your son, who happens to be very good at basketball. This is the scenario that has the NCAA investigating John Calipari’s program at Memphis after FedEx’s CEO called one of his employees, who happens to be the mom of a prized recruit (hat tip to THE BIG LEAD.)

John Calipari

FOX SPORTS’ Jeff Goodman has the skinny on the violation, which the university reported to the NCAA, as David Bronczek is not just FedEx’s chief, but a major booster to Memphis’ athletic programs.

The call from Bronczek came earlier this month and lasted approximately 10 minutes. Oseye Gaddy also told that she received the call just a few days after the family was contacted by Tigers coach John Calipari, who is actively recruiting Abdul Gaddy. Calipari was at a basketball camp Thursday and repeated attempts to contact him were unsuccessful.

Bronczek belongs to the exclusive 32-member Ambassador’s Athletic Foundation, in which each member has donated at least $500,000 to the Memphis program and many have given in excess of $1 million.

He is a “representative of an institution’s athletic interests” or a “booster” due to his involvement as a member of the Ambassador’s Athletic Foundation — an agency that promotes an athletic program. Bronczek is also on the Tiger Athletic Advisory Board of Directors, which assists the athletic department in all aspects of fund raising.

More often than not, self-reporting stuff like this usually keeps the program out of trouble, and while Calipari wasn’t available for comment, it won’t likely fall back to him because it was someone out of his control (unless more comes to light that we don’t already know, and a FedEx spokes-drone says Bronczek didn’t contact Calipari about the call).

Abdul Gaddy is still deciding between Memphis and Lute Olson’s Arizona Wildcats — so it’s a reminder of just how hairball recruiting can be, especially when a booster decides to take a few things into his or her own hands.