Memphis Tiger Suspended For Failing Drug Test?

WMC-TV reports that Memphis guard Andre Allen has been suspended from the basketball team for “violating team rules”.

Andre Allen Memphis Tigers

The Tiger senior has not traveled with the rest of the team to San Antonio, and will likely miss Memphis’ Final Four match-up against UCLA. But Andre’s ouster was reportedly for something more serious than breaking curfew:

A reliable source tells Action News 5 that Allen failed a randomly administered NCAA drug test.

WREG-TV further reports that Allen was one of four Memphis players that were randomly chosen for drug testing, and he’s the one that didn’t pass.

When asked about Andre, coach John Calipari was brief in his comments:

“I suspended him for violating team rules, but, you know, what I’ll talk about it from this point on is our team, the team that’s here to play, and we’ll go from there.”

Memphis AD R.C. Johnson added that there was basically no chance for Allen to return if the Tigers make it to the title game. In the meantime, Calipari tried to put a positive spin on the suspension:

“The greatest thing is, when you have injuries, you have issues, you have suspensions, normally it’ll bring them closer and everybody will notch it up a little bit, which is what we need anyway.”

But the fact is the Tigers will still be short a point guard who’s been a big help for the 37-1 squad.

Looks like the Bruins yet again catch a break.