Memorial: AEG, Jackos Blackmail LA, City To Sue?

Having lived in Los Angeles for going on 10 years, I can tell you that the people who inhabit this place are the epitome of laissez-faire. For example, we have the worst traffic congestion of any city on earth, yet the citizenry never forces elected leaders to do a damn thing about it. In our recent, sham election for mayor, guess how many times the issue of traffic, our #1 problem in this town, came up?

Jacko Nicholson Courtside At Lakers Game

(I helped pick up the tab for Jacko’s $4M Courtside Seat)

You got it. Zero.

Combine that with L.A.’s obscene obsession with celebrity and you get what we have today: A taxpayer-funded extravaganza for a dubious dead celeb that will reportedly be solely used as a promotional tool for his family and local power broker AEG to launch a massive tribute show or three in London - which could use the elaborate staging at O2 arena that was to be reserved for you-know-who. *Memorial* my a$$.

Celebrity Sighting At Jackson Memorial: Gayby

(Early celeb sighting at Jacko Memorial: Gayby!)

Meanwhile, 2,000(!) LAPD officers will today work the world’s most morbid concert kickoff promotion ever, with most receiving overtime pay. The cost of that staggering, needless show of force? $4 million big ones. As an Angeleno who will help kick in that kitty, I would’ve at least expected a dead Jacko discount coupon at my local Wienerschnitzel.

So why is L.A. outlaying that kind of cash from a city fund that is normally reserved for emergencies like wildfires, earthquakes and of course, riots? Key members of the City Council have quite obviously been bought off by AEG (wanna get re-elected, babo?), which is the largest land developer in downtown L.A. an landlord to the L.A. Lakers and owner of the Los Angeles Kings.

Jacko MacAuley Culkin Tattoo

(Soon to add: “In Loving Memory”)

AEG also happened to be the corporate monolith that was producing Jackson’s 50 shows in a row in London. And will now reportedly cash in on the subsequent Jackson tribute show(s) in London.

There is though, one significant soul who is protesting L.A. taxpayers getting soaked for $4M so Tito, Jermaine and Marlon can skip the layaway on their next pillowtop purchase.

From the L.A. DAILY NEWS:

Some city officials said AEG, which owns Staples Center, should pay the estimated $2.5 million cost of providing security, crowd and traffic control.”They are the ones who decided where to do this and they are the ones who stand to benefit from selling tapes of the memorial services,” said City Councilman Dennis Zine. “They should pay our costs.

“We have a $500 million hole in our budget, the state is issuing IOUs. We shouldn’t have to pay these costs and take away from other services the public wants.”

Zine’s comments reflected a broad anger among the public over the city having to pay for the services that will be needed.

Zine was also all over local L.A. radio on Monday, suggesting strongly that legal action could be taken against AEG if the company does not reverse course and offer to pay the prohibitive cost necessary to secure the event.

By no means do I think a lawsuit will see the light of day, but, as Jim Carrey said in Dumb and Dumber, “so you’re saying there’s a chance?!

LA Deputy Mayor Jan Perry also has suggested the Jackos pay the security bill, which is about as likely as Daddy Jacko’s “record label on Blu-Ray” becoming a big hit.

Finally, I’m betting your first image when you turn on coverage on today’s debacle will be most likely be jerkoffs-for-Jacko overruning the Forest Lawn cemetery, where you-know-who will apparently be buried.