Memo: Tech President Didn’t Want To Fire Leach

Betsy Blaney of the ASSOCIATED PRESS has details on a memo that Texas Tech university President Guy Bailey sent to Tech Chancellor Kent Hance three days before Mike Leach’s firing that recommended the “James case be closed” and Leach keep his job.

Texas Tech President Guy Bailey Didn't Want To Fire Mike Leach

Testimony from Hance and the attorney also confirmed that university President Guy Bailey penned a memo Dec. 27 to Hance recommending that Leach “be issued a letter of reprimand” and that the James case be closed.

So why was Leach fired?

When Craig James found out about Bailey’s recommendation, he contacted Chancellor Hance to demand Leach be dismissed.

Hance then contacted two members of the Texas Tech Board of Regents and told them of James’ message recommending the ouster. After those two members of the Board of Regents subsequently recommended to the school that Leach be fired, the coach was dismissed on Dec. 30. (Despite Hance admitting under oath last week that it is against school policy for the Board of Regents to have any power in such school personnel matters.)

Pretty serious stuff. So how do we absolutely know that all that happened?

Leach’s legal team has confirmed to Alex Ybarra of the Lubbock’s DAILY TOREADOR that “it has a series of text messages and e-mails Craig James sent to the Board of Regents and to Hance” as evidence.

Leach attorney Ted Liggett said of that evidence to Lubbock’s FOX 34, “In fact, at one point there is communication wherein he (James) wanted him (Leach) fired and he wanted him to apologize too.

Those communications, as they pertain to all Texas Tech-affiliated personnel, are public information in the state of Texas and can be freely obtained from the school by anyone.

I’ve heard a lot of people characterize Craig James’ alleged involvement in the firing of Mike Leach as a case of, “he said vs. he said“. But as much of the communications between James and Tech officials are public record in the state of Texas, it appears that there’s hard evidence to indicate James’ undue influence in Leach’s dismissal.