Meltdown: Dykstra Claims He Sleeps Twice A Week

By now you know about Len Dykstra’s profound financial and marital problems. I’m not sure how I would react to the nightmare he’s now experiencing, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t make some of the claims he made to Dan Patrick on Patrick’s radio show today (audio link).

Len Dykstra Claims He Sleeps Twice A Week  - And I Believe Him

(Reality show-bound Dykstra sez he sleeps twice a week - and I believe him)

Here’s a sampling:

– Dykstra said that people came for job interviews just so they could sue him and make some money.
– Dykstra said that he still has the house and the plane. But then Dan asked why was there no furniture in his house when HBO showed up with cameras. “Just remember dude, everything isn’t what it appears.”
– Dykstra says that he’s still giving financial advice and every tip he’s given has actually worked out.

Wow, that last one is a real whopper. Oh, but it gets worse.

Dykstra says he only sleeps twice a week.

Knowing what we know about what happens to the brain after long periods of lack of sleep, I suppose that statement isn’t so unbelievable after all - at least coming from Dykstra.

From the interview, we also get the inevitable news that Dykstra is now planning on doing a reality show. I despise reality shows, but honest to god, I think Dykstra’s will killĀ  - providing the crew can stable the camera rig in a padded room.

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