‘Melons’ Waitress: Clemens Bonked 17-Year-Old

The FORT MYERS NEWS-PRESS reports that a woman who claimed to be “inseparable” with Mindy McCready during her alleged underage affair with Roger Clemens says she was not 15 when McCready met (and had sex with) him.

Hooters Girl

(The only woman west of the Mississippi yet to be questioned in Clemens affair)

The woman, Jennifer Sirbaugh, and McCready “lived across from each other in Fort Myers when Sirbaugh was 16. They were roommates for less than a year at Gulfstream Isles apartments, when both worked at Melons, a Hooters wannabe in south Fort Myers.

Sirbaugh does think that Clemens had sex with McCready, but vehemently disputes the age thing, and most of the other details of their first meeting - since she was allegedly present at the time.

Of course, this entire scenario is now is looking more and more like a desperate McCready planted the story, replete with embellishments, in order to get back into the public eye. And we wouldn’t doubt if Brian McNamee nudged her into the *revelations*, which is fine by us. It goes without saying that McNamee was one of the guys hooking Clemens up with road beef.

All this has us wondering just how many sources the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS actually had for the original McCready-Clemens piece? It’s also amusing that the NEWS-PRESS is in such a rush to report the 15-to-17 thing. Underage is underage. Clemens was 30 at the time. What the hell is the difference?

Thankfully though, the NYDN’s piece, however inaccurate, did blow up Clemens’ absurd civil suit against McNamee and force him into a public apology. We feel for Clemens’ children in this situation, but like many, we’ve enjoyed every second of the fraud Clemens getting his oversized backside nailed to the floorboards.

More interesting, at least to me, is that McCready and Sirbaugh worked at a place called “Melons”. I lived in the South throughout the ’80s and ’90s and can confirm that I did indeed pay a visit to one of their fine establishments. Sadly though, I’ve been unable to find an photographic evidence that the restaurants did indeed exist.

Eventually the people running Melons lost their shirts when Hooters sued them for ripping off their wonderful concept. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Another example of someone attempting to take advantage of Hooters’ good name. The humanity!