Melanie Sinclair Will Store Your Stolen Shotguns

I don’t get it. In my house, I can’t even display a single Pablo Sandoval bobblehead doll without being severely rebuked; and just forget about that Corona Extra neon sign. But the boyfriend of Florida gymnast Melanie Sinclair wants to turn her apartment into a giant weapons cache, and that’s perfectly fine. Life stinks and is not fair.

Melanie Sinclair

Gainesville police on Tuesday arrested Sinclair, a redshirt senior, for her role in storing items from a series of local burglaries. Seized in the raid on her apartment were nine shotguns and rifles, two computers and a safe. A safe?

Sinclair’s boyfriend, one Bud Leonard Williams, 21, had been arrested Oct. 1 for parading around the apartment complex with loaded shotgun. He was slapped with 11 counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, burglary, theft and theft of a firearm. (Judges hold up cards: 0.0, 0.0, 8.5, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0. Grrrr, that French judge!). Police wanted to move in on Sinclair’s apartment then, but waited until she implicated herself in a phone conversation with Williams some time later.


According to an arrest report at the time, the Tactical Impact Unit got information about illegal retail gun dealing at the complex and on Oct. 1 staked out the area outside Sinclair’s apartment. Williams was arrested at that point.

Tuesday’s arrest of Sinclair occurred after Williams claimed that Sinclair knew the items she was storing in her apartment were stolen. Williams said at one point he even offered Sinclair a pearl necklace he had obtained after cutting open the 2-1/2-foot-tall stolen safe.

Williams also told police that Sinclair knew the long guns were in the apartment and was even “playing” with the guns at one point.

Apparently Sinclair is being charged with two second degree and three third degree felonies.

Sinclair isn’t your garden-variety pommel horse rider. She’s a nine-time All-American who was named to the All-SEC team the past three seasons. She scored a school-record 10.0 on the uneven parallel bars three times in her career.

I’ll bet the NCAA is now thrilled that they chose Florida to host the 2010 National Women’s Championships.


Florida, which has worked hard to break into the NCAA gymnastics jaggernaut dominated by Georgia and Alabama, has inked some highly impressive recruits for the 2011 season, including current U.S. team members Kytra Hunter, Mackenzie Caquatto and Alaina Johnson.

University of Florida gymnastics coach Rhonda Faehn released a statement saying SInclair has been “suspended indefinitely” from Florida’s gymnastics team.

Yeah, a gun-running operation from your campus apartment will get you suspended every time.