Blog-O-Rama: Meet The Australian Allison Stokke

• Move over, Allison Stoke - WITH LEATHER via FAN IQ finds a new pretty pole vaulter that’s raising the bar - awesome Aussie Melanie Adams.

Melanie Adams

• THE BIG LEAD punches up word that the UFC wants you to vote - or else.

Rob Drake trades his chestplate for a laptop, as he blogs about life as an MLB umpire.

• RED AND BLACK HOCKEY checks out footage of Leafs goalie Vesa Toskala letting one in - from 174 feet away.

• Now everyone can get a taste of Dale Earnhardt Jr., as the racer’s now in candy bar form.

• THE REALESTS spits out their Kool-Aid, as the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS thinks killing 900 people makes a great NCAA Tournament “fun fact“.

• AOL FANHOUSE thinks they know why Rip Hamilton had such energy (team-high 24 points) in helping the Pistons rip the Nuggets with 136 points - he was angry over his misspelled jersey.

Rip Hamilton misspelled jersey

• Let Jason Taylor go Dancing With The Stars - BET’s PLAYA HATER would rather see a reality show starring Chad Johnson.

• INTENTIONAL FOUL tosses over video of some Slavic lay-up competition, complete with commentary by the TNT All-Star crew.