Kiper, McShay Sure (Don’t) Know How To Pick ‘Em

Now that the 2008 NFL Draft has come & gone, Mel Kiper & Todd McShay won’t have to be heard from again until training camp, when some of the higher selected players are still holding out.

Mel Kiper Todd McShay

With all their in-depth analysis and high-level face time in front of the cameras, how did ESPN’s draft experts do in predicting the picks?

Not that well.

JOE SPORTS FAN dissects Mel & Todd’s decisions on who was to be selected in the first half of the Draft, and compares it to who was actually chosen:

Out of the first 135 picks, Todd McShay picked nine for an accuracy percentage of 6.67%. In the biggest surprise of the day, McShay actually nailed one in the fourth round - Cody Wallace to the 49ers at pick #107 - no doubt by complete stroke of luck.

Defending champ Mel Kiper picked a whopping eight correct, leaving him at a sterling 5.93% accuracy rate. For all the research Kiper does throughout the year, the last pick he got correct was #22, Felix Jones to the Cowboys. That made him zero for his last 113.

In comparison, JSF notes that their pre-picks scored only slightly smaller with a 4.4% accuracy rate. Keep in mind that their mock draft included such selections as a KFC Family Meal, Danica Patrick & Jm J. Bullock.

No wonder Mel & Todd are getting the big bucks & big screen time from the Boys at Bristol.

But for going one pick better, McShay can be declared the *big* draft winner. Maybe he should get to sit closer to Chris Berman during next year’s coverage.

But is that a reward or punishment? You make the call!