Meet Your SbB Youth Coach Pervert Of The Day

If Sean Salisbury has taught us anything, it’s that (allegedly) taking cell phone photos of your junk and sending them around is a terrible idea. But at least Salisbury was (allegedly) showing them to adult co-workers. Sending them to teenage cheerleaders who attend the school you coach at? A much, much worse idea.

Tyson Norsworthy

Further demonstrating that technology is not always a good thing, 28-year-old high school football coach and middle school teacher Tyson Norsworthy has been arrested and charged with using text messaging and the aforementioned photos to arrange sex with at least one teenage girl at his school. At the very least, Norsworthy has established a pattern of sending inappropriate text messages to a number of girls while they’re still in middle school (though it appears he waits until they’re in high school to try and have sex with them. How considerate.)

The SHERWOOD TIMES’ coverage of the story is a bit of a mess, but from what I can tell there’s like four different girls saying that Norsworthy had engaged them in some dirty texting. And it looks like he has a soft-spot for cheerleaders (shockingly). One girl is admitting to having sex with him on at least two occasions:

“Ms. [the girl] stated she felt uncomfortable because he was always pressuring her to have sex with him,” Hockaday reported. “I asked if this was the only time she had sexual intercourse with him and she hesitated.”

The girl then confessed about an encounter she had with Norsworthy.

The girl was living in Chapel Ridge Apartments in Sherwood and during last year’s Christmas season when Norsworthy reportedly came over to her apartment. “She could tell that he had been drinking,” according to the report. She reported she did not invite Norsworthy over. She said she talked with Norsworthy for a while, they both went into her bedroom, and they had sex.

Hockaday’s report states. “[The girl] stated that Mr. Norsworthy begged her not to tell anyone because he would be in trouble and go to jail.” She told police that Norsworthy was in her apartment for an hour.

As for the photos in question?

According to Hockaday’s report, Norsworthy said during 2007 he was getting text messages more frequently and on occasion the texts had pictures sent to him. When asked the nature of the photos, he told Hockaday that they were digital photos on his phone of the girl’s breasts and buttocks. He told police he did respond to the text and sometimes he did in an explicit manner.

Norsworthy said he had sent pictures of his genitals to the girl over his cell phone, according to Hockaday’s report. He reportedly denied having sexual intercourse with a girl in the middle school field house. He also said he didn’t have sex with the girl in her Chapel Ridge apartment. However, later in the interview, he admitted that he did have intercourse with a female student.

And, in case you’re wondering, it looks like Norsworthy wasn’t exactly some big stud in the bedroom, errr, field house:

The girl told police that in September 2007 during football season when she was a cheerleader that Norsworthy, an assistant high school football coach, had intercourse with her in the middle school field house. The girl said she and Norsworthy were in the field house only 2-3 minutes and it was the only time they had sex. The girl told police she knew of two other girls that Norsworthy had had sex with and that they had both graduated from school. 

Three minutes? You’re quite the big man, there, Tyson.