Meet Emeka Okafor’s Third Cousin: Emeka Okafor

The basketball talent normally runs in the family. For the Okafors, that’s definitely the case, as Emeka Okafor excelled at UConn and is now with the Charlotte Bobcats. So does his third cousin, currently in high school, who will commit to the University of Toledo Rockets, the TOLEDO BLADE reports. And what’s his name? Why, Emeka Okafor.

Emeka Okafor. Left: Emeka Okafor

(From left to right: Emeka Okafor, Emeka Okafor.)

Now, this might be extremely convenient at family reunions when you want to gather everyone around (”Emeka! Dinner’s on!”) But for those of us who follow sports or “write” about them, we need some distinguishing marks:

• The younger Okafor was born in 1996 in Nigeria. The older Okafor was born in 1982 in Houston, Texas.

• The younger Okafor is currently averaging 12 points and 11 rebounds at Champlin Park (Minnesota) High School. (Fun fact: one of Champlin Park’s former football coaches? Jesse Ventura.) The older Okafor is averaging 14 and 10 with the Charlotte Bobcats.

• The older Okafor recently signed a 6-year, $72 million contract with Charlotte. The younger Okafor is currently holding out for a slightly higher allowance at home.

• The older Okafor’s favorite movie is “Multiplicity.” The younger Okafor enjoyed that scene from “Family Guy” on a rooftop where Lois is facing two Peter Griffins and she has to figure out which one’s the fake, and shoot him.

• The younger Okafor’s last name is worth 13 points in Scrabble. And the older Okafor’s last name worth? Just eight points. Ha, threw you for a loop there! There’s only one “K” in a Scrabble set, and the younger one got to go first.