TN Medical Examiner: ‘Likely’ Kazemi Killed McNair

More news today for you in the Sahel Kazemi/Steve McNair murder mystery.

The TENNESSEAN reports this morning that Kazemi bought a semi-automatic pistol in haste last week - immediately after being bailed out by McNair for her DUI charge in his Escalade. The same pistol was discovered under the body of Kazemi at the crime scene and was used in both shootings.

Sahel Kazemi Thong Bikini Photo Steve McNair Mistress

(Sahel Kazemi, 20-year-old mistress of Steve McNair)

The Nashville paper also notes the generic nature of the condo where killings occured. How it resembled a sterile timeshare. (I think we all know what that means.) Additionally, numerous liquor bottles were found in the dwelling, which of course could indicate alcohol was involved in the crime. Every person who claimed to know Kazemi well has said she was quiet and wouldn’t hurt a fly. You wonder if her personality though would change when fueled by alcohol and the drugs that made her “high” when she was popped for DUI.

It also makes one wonder about what else could’ve been removed from McNair’s condo by friend Wayne Neely, who didn’t report the crime scene to police for an hour after discovering the bodies.

More important though is new, candid comments from Tennessee State Medical Examiner Bruce Levy to the newspaper.

Police still aren’t classifying the deaths as a murder-suicide, though state medical examiner Bruce Levy said it’s a likely scenario based on the evidence. McNair was found dead on the couch with four gunshot wounds — one bullet in each temple, and two in the chest — Levy said. The autopsy showed that three of the shots were fired from at least three feet away. One, to the head, was shot at close range, he said.

We’re also now getting more details about McNair’s whereabouts hours before he was killed. Nashville’s WTVF-TV reports that McNair spent all day fishing with his two sons on the day of his death.  That’s somewhat interesting in that McNair’s wife Mechelle has previously claimed she hadn’t seen husband Steve for two days prior to his death.

And the BALTIMORE SUN notes that Kazemi spent the day before the shootings with her ex-boyfriend, Keith Norfleet. That could indicate that she knew her relationship with McNair was on the wane.

The final piece in this puzzle seems to be the forthcoming report on gun residue. If it indicates that Kazemi was the primary handler of the firearm that night, then the case will likely be closed and ruled a murder-suicide. But I’m also still interested to find out why no one in the condo building heard the gun fire that night.

And what about the two bars McNair visited, without Kazemi, the night of his death. McNair reportedly had his life threatened at one of the establishments. We know police are still investigating those matters, and information will mostly likely come to light shortly.

With the evidence that has surfaced, I’m starting to think the rest of the investigation is a formality. But to the credit of Nashville police, they’ve been thorough. A national spotlight certainly helps in that regard.

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