Media To Peja: But We Can’t Stay Here All Night

Peja Stojakovic might be a great guy and a pretty good basketball player. But he is a terrible bowler — and is even worse as a man trying to back up a bold claim with a bold action. Behold:

He tells the assembled media they have to stay until he rolls a strike; on his next ball, he rolls it into the gutter. In fairness, as BLOG OF NEW ORLEANS notes, most of his shots weren’t that bad. And it was for a good cause.

“Just to be perfectly clear: I whole-heartedly support Peja Stojakovic’s Charitbowl event. … Peja more than makes up for his lacking in bowling skills by announcing his plan to match the amount of money raised at the event.”

And just to be perfectly clear on my end: Obviously, Peja is not a golfer.

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