Media Blows Off Neuheisel to Watch Trojans Game

Another nice find by Jay Christensen at WIZ OF ODDS, as the DAILY BRUIN has this delightful moment involving UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel as he sat in front of the media following Cal’s 45-26 throttling of the Bruins last Saturday:

Rick Neuheisel USC Notre Dame GAme

At that moment UCLA football coach Rick Neuheisel walked into the room, sunburned and exasperated after his team’s 45-26 defeat to rival Cal.

Almost no one moved. Necks remained craned toward the USC game until a frustrated Neuheisel spoke sharply.

“Would everyone like to watch the end of that ball game?” Neuheisel asked. “I am more than willing to wait.”

There was a hint of bitterness in Neuheisel’s voice, a slight sign of the wounded pride of UCLA football.

Get used to it Coach.

Since day one of Neuheisel taking over at UCLA, I’ve been saying that his past success was overrated. At Colorado, he won his first couple years with the players remaining from Bill McCartney’s national championship run and at Washington he sponged off the roster built by Jim Lambright.

When Neuheisel’s players came in, both programs fell into decline and the coach helicoptered out of both programs under the cloud of NCAA investigation.

The Bruins have talent to win right now and have one of the best offensive coordinators in college football history, Norm Chow. So what’s the problem with the team?

One guess.