McNamee “Not Going To Jail For Roger Clemens”

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports that the attorney for Brian McNamee, Earl Ward, isn’t too concerned with Roger Clemens’ threat of legal action against his client.

Roger Clemens Andy Pettitte

Ward said this week that any litigation launched by The Rocket “would be frivolous, but we’re planning for that. With regards to the federal investigation, we’re confident that (McNamee’s) done everything he’s legally obligated to do. It’s unfortunate that this whole situation had to go down the way it went down. (McNamee) was friends with Roger and I think he hopes Roger understands that he had to tell the truth. Brian wants him to know that what he did, he was legally obligated to do. He’s got a wife and kids. He’s not going to go to jail for Roger Clemens.”

It’s a sad tale, the way McNamee has treated Clemens. Guess Roge found out the hard way that Barry Bonds has cornered the market on patsies who can also double as personal pharmacists.