McNabb Sick Of Hearing About How Hurt He Is

It’s safe to say that the Eagles’ window for getting back to the Super Bowl has been firmly closed.

Donovan McNabb puking

Donovan McNabb has taken a lot of blame for not being healthy or productive enough to get the Eagles back there. Just think, if they had won that game, this guy could have been the black Brett Favre. He could have gotten away with anything in Philadephia. Now, they’re trying to run him out of town. And, yeah, McNabb’s a little miffed about it.

McNabb thinks the expectations of him playing well are a bit lofty. From THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER:

“I do think it gets blown way out of proportion. With the injury, if you don’t say anything, then people think it’s bigger than what it is and if you do say something, some people still think you’re hiding something. It’s a no-win situation and I’ve been part of them for a long time. I’ve heard people say, ‘Donovan is fat,’ I’m out of shape and I’m too big. I just don’t get caught up in it.”

Fatty Donovan has had some lingering issues with his shoulder:

“The shoulder is just tight,” McNabb said. “We did the right thing by making sure we were cautious with it and continuing to stretch and rehab. Everything is fine now.”

Everything is fine? Uh huh.

“This year, we’re putting in pieces of the puzzle on defense. Offensively, we have an experienced bunch and the confidence is there, but it’s still kind of wait-and-see.”

McNabb said a good start will be critical for the Eagles.

“It’s going to be very important,” he said. “If you look at the way we played at the end of last year, if we continue to feed off that and elevate that, it would give us a lot of confidence and that’s a major part of the deal. I thought in 2004 . . . every time we stepped on the field we knew we were going to win, and it was just a matter of by how much. We have to regain that confidence back.”

I don’t know if anyone will have that level of confidence in McNabb again. At least that’s what Kevin Kolb sitting on the sidelines tells me, anyway.