McNabb Has It Rough For Being Black And Irish

• It’s tough enough being a black QB in the NFL, but PRAY FOR MOJO knows it’s even tougher for Donovan McNabb, being Irish and all:

Donovan McNabb Lucky Charms

• ATLANTA MAGAZINE gets some goodies about this oldie, as they reveal 10 things you didn’t know about Morten Andersen.

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT hits the reset button, as the man who made the moves in Madden 08 wants his shot at the real thing.

• DC SPORTS BOG is keeping it old school with the Redskins’ uniforms…and hair:

Redskins hair throwback jersey

• Speaking of throwbacks, BLOWN COVERAGE tries to talk some fashion sense into the Philly Eagles about their ancient duds.

• Meanwhile, THE 800 LB GORILLA tries to talk any sense into the Iggles’ fans.

• At least his wife’s hot: VEGAS WATCH checks the stats to discover that Jose Lima has been one of the worst pitchers of the decade:

Jose Lima Wife

• SEAHAWKS INSIDER can’t keep their mouth shut about the ever-quotable Chad Johnson.

• The LADIES… are just Stoked about Peyton’s passing buddy Brandon.

• GIRLS GONE SPORTS feels the glow from the Sunshine State, as there’s a whole lotta love on the Gator sidelines:

Florida Gators football kiss

• BLEACHER REPORT believes Charlie Weis ain’t no Urban Meyer.

• WHY DON’T WE GET DRUNK AND BLOG pursues a promising career as an online poker stud.